Indigenous Relations

St Barbara is committed to respecting the culture of the indigenous stakeholders in the localities it operates.

Indigenous people are important stakeholders and understanding the indigenous culture, heritage and social concerns are a vital component to the Company’s future success.

St Barbara is committed to ensuring its staff and contractors recognise and respect the culture of the indigenous stakeholders in the localities in which it operates.

St Barbara also ensures that necessary heritage clearances are conducted at its sites where ground disturbing activities are to be undertaken to recognise sites of cultural significance and allow St Barbara to respect these sites and implement appropriate avoidance measures. This is conducted in both our Leonora and Simberi operations.

In Australia, as part of maintaining relationships with our Aboriginal stakeholders, St Barbara conducts six monthly Aboriginal liaison meetings in Leonora to communicate developments on the Company’s projects and discuss future employment opportunities.

The community relations team at our Simberi operations conduct regular meetings with the local landowners to further strengthen existing, and establish new relationships, with all the key stakeholders in the region. These meetings provide a particular focus on St Barbara operations as well as exploration activities in the region and the potential of employment and business opportunities it may provide to the community.