St Barbara is committed to making a positive and lasting contribution to the communities in which it operates whilst always adhering to the very highest standards of ethical business practices.

At Simberi Operations in Papua New Guinea, significant contributions have been made to the local people of Simberi Island, New Ireland province and, more broadly to PNG.  Over 95% of employees are from Simberi, the nearby Tabar Islands and other parts of PNG, creating business opportunities for local businesses and suppliers.  St Barbara has paid more than A$24 million (~K50 million) in royalties since acquiring Simberi in 2012.

Some of our sponsorships and community support initiatives at Simberi are outlined below:

  • Tabar Islands Scholarship Program, awarding high school and tertiary scholarships to eligible Tabar Islands community members
  • New Ireland Province Malaria Alliance, working toward eradicating malaria from the New Ireland Province
  • Australian Doctors International, which deploys volunteer Australian doctors to PNG to treat and train in rural and remote areas
  • In 2018, St Barbara sponsored The Fred Hollows Foundation to bring their eye clinic to Simberi. This was the first time Simberi that this type of surgery has ever been performed in Simberi. Over the course of a week, the team conducted more than 700 eye examinations, issued over 400 pairs of glasses funded by St Barbara, and completed 35 cataract and surgical procedures in St Barbara’s medical clinic.
  • Maintenance of roads, bridges, water supply, school and health clinics
  • Provision of subsidised flights for Simberi Island residents, to and from the island
  • Provision and staffing of a FODE program, supporting local adults to complete ‘Flexible, Open and Distance Education’
  • Medical services, including free issue of medication to all Tabar Islands residents through our Company clinic, access to medical evacuation for emergencies, vaccination campaigns and childhood immunisation programs
  • Education support including maintenance of school classrooms, provision of books and stationery, and assistance with construction and maintenance of housing for teachers
  • Sustainable local business development initiatives, including a co-operative cocoa plantation project and mariculture projects