Nova Scotia, Canada

Exploring the prospective Moose River Corridor and the South West Region of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a rich history of mining and has been explored for deposits since the 1860s. Between 1896 and 1903 production exceeded 20,000 ounces per year for sixteen years.

With 21 exploration projects in Nova Scotia and more than 1,900km2 of exploration tenements, St Barbara is committed to the exploration of the region.

The focus of our ongoing exploration program within Nova Scotia is along the Moose River Corridor and Nova Scotia’s south-west region. These programs aim to extend existing planned pits and potential satellite pits.

The Moose River Corridor Program systematically explores prospective targets along the 45km Moose River Corridor from Touquoy, through Beaver Dam to Fifteen Mile Stream.

Key exploration targets are near existing deposits, with a focus on targets along strike between Touquoy and Fifteen Mile Stream (FMS).

St Barbara is also exploring Nova Scotia’s Southwest region through its extensive tenement package in the region.

For full Ore Reserve and Mineral Resource details, refer to the compliance documents on our Exploration page.