St Barbara is an Australian-based,  ASX listed (ASX: SBM) gold mining company with operations in Canada and Papua New Guinea.

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Information relating to your shareholding may be obtained by clicking here.

Shareholder FAQs

Where can I obtain information about buying and selling shares?

Shareholders or interested parties wishing to obtain information about buying and selling shares are recommended to consult with a recognised stockbroker. Further information on the subject can be obtained from the ASX website.

Alternatively, Computershare offers an online share sale facility for Australian issuer-sponsored shareholders.

Please note, eligibility criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply, details of which can be found at Investor Centre website.

How do I change my address details?

To change your address details or communication preferences, you will need to advise our share registry Computershare Investor Services.

To easily update your details online, please click here.

To change your address details in writing, your advice should include your name, security holder reference number or holder identification number, old and new address, and signature. Notifications can be mailed or faxed to Computershare Investor Services (see address above). For security reasons, Computershare Investor Services cannot accept change of address notifications over the phone.

How do I change any of my other shareholder details?

The most frequently requested forms necessary to make changes to your account including change of address, direct credit and name change, can be accessed directly through our share registry, Computershare Investor Services.

How do I consolidate multiple shareholdings?

Shareholders wishing to consolidate their holdings will need to advise our share registry, in writing, of the details of the multiple holdings.

I do not wish to receive a hard copy of the Annual Report

To have your name removed from the annual report mailing list, please advise our share registry in writing, quoting your security holder reference number or holder identification number, name and company if applicable.

You will continue to receive all other correspondence, including notice of meetings and your payment advice.