Our respect for Indigenous cultures

We are passionate about respecting Indigenous cultures and working in partnership with the traditional owners and first nation peoples of all the lands on which we operate.

Building stronger communities – which involves supporting the next generation of Indigenous leaders – is one of our five business-wide commitments to operating in a sustainable way.

We make it a priority to learn about the cultures that shape the First Nations people of the communities surrounding our operations. We ensure any necessary heritage clearances are conducted at our sites where ground disturbing activities are to be undertaken to recognise sites of cultural significance; allowing us to respect these sites and implement appropriate avoidance measures.

We’re committed to ensuring our employees and contractors recognise and respect the culture of our Indigenous stakeholders. We aim to provide all our people with the opportunity to build their awareness of and respect for the strong and proud history of our Aboriginal people and their culture; this knowledge is critical to a relationship that is built on mutual respect and trust.

We’re also helping to build the next generation of Indigenous leaders with our support of programs such as Shooting Stars and the Clontarf Foundation, which help youth from local communities continue their education and achieve their goals. In Canada, our team is engaging with the First Nations people, who help us understand current cultural practices and land use and provide important input to our future plans.