Our Simberi community

Our Simberi Operations are fully integrated into the community, with high levels of local employment and ongoing community support and involvement. Around 96% of employees are from Simberi, the nearby Tabar Islands and other parts of Papua New Guinea, creating business opportunities for local businesses and suppliers.

Under the umbrella of Simberi Mine Services (SMS), a community business coordination and governance company, we empower the local community by providing them access to training and helping them to develop commercial ventures. With our support, local community members and landowners have created mariculture (seafood) inland fisheries, market gardens and cocoa plantations, a poultry farm, pizzeria and a bakery. Helping locals to build on the success of these businesses is a priority for us.

Our own company medical clinic offers access to medical evacuation for emergencies, vaccinations and childhood immunisation programs and we fund anti-malaria efforts in the area.

Some of our community support includes: the Tabar Islands Scholarship Program, education support including maintenance of school classrooms, provision of books and stationery, and assistance with construction and maintenance of housing for teachers.

We also support Australian Doctors International, which deploys volunteer Australian doctors to PNG to treat and train in rural and remote areas. We also supported The Fred Hollows Foundation to help bring their eye clinic to Simberi to offer life-changing surgery and treatment to community members for the first time.