Growing our business sustainably, where it makes sense, and with strong governance practices, means we can add value for everyone: our shareholders, our people and our communities.

Strong ethics and governance in everything we do

The Board and Management of the Group are committed to maintaining high standards of ethics, integrity and statutory compliance. The Group has consistently achieved 100% compliance with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) ‘Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations’, which includes the measures listed below.

  • A Non-Executive Chairman.
  • Annual, confidential Board, Committee and Director performance evaluation.
  • Female representation on the Board at 33%.
  • All Board Committees are chaired by an independent Non-Executive Director with relevant skills and experience (not the Chairman of the Board).
  • The Group monitors and reports a ‘culture scorecard’ to the Board on a regular basis. Indicators of culture include selected safety statistics, employee turnover, whistleblower and employee grievance submissions, employee engagement results, and measurable feedback from recruitment and exit interviews.

Our full Corporate Governance Statement is produced annually in conjunction with our Annual Report.

Our expectations of suppliers

We are committed to partnering with suppliers whose principles match our own. Our suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws and continually strive to improve their sustainability performance, focusing on reduction (as appropriate) of waste, carbon emissions, water and natural resources consumption.

Across our business, we have put in place due diligence systems to identify and investigate any high risk suppliers. We also ensure we are not purchasing goods produced via any form of modern slavery.

You can read more in our Supplier Code of Conduct.