Our Atlantic Operations

St Barbara Atlantic Map

Our Atlantic Operations in Nova Scotia, Canada consists of our open pit Touquoy mine, along with three additional planned projects nearby at Fifteen Mile Stream, Cochrane Hill and Beaver Dam. Collectively, the operations and projects have an estimated mine life to 2030, with strong exploration potential in the region.

Touquoy open pit mine and surrounds

Our Atlantic Operations are located approximately 80 kilometres north-east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Mining of the Touquoy open pit commenced in in 2017, with commercial production beginning in March 2018, exceeding all expectations and production guidance in its first year. Extraction from the pit ended in early 2023. The processing plant is a conventional Carbon in Leach (CIL) circuit with a nominal capacity of 2 million tonnes per year. As part of the planned expansion on Fifteen Mile Stream, Cochrane Hill and Beaver Dam, we are investigating the repurposing of the Touquoy plant.

In addition to developing our existing project pipeline, we are exploring in the Moose River Corridor and elsewhere in Nova Scotia.

Opportunities for Nova Scotia

Our Atlantic Operations provides prosperity and opportunity for families and the community living in rural Nova Scotia. Halifax, the provincial capital, has a population of more than 400,000 and is a significant industrial centre. Nova Scotia’s primary industries include fishing, forestry, energy and tourism.

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