Operating in a sustainable way is central to everything we do here at St Barbara.

At St Barbara, doing the right thing genuinely matters to all of us.

As we strive towards our vision to be a brilliant, global mining company that grows sustainably and creates enduring, positive impacts, we are guided every day by our five business-wide commitments.

We are responsible for operating our mining assets to the very best of their potential, but we are also responsible for our people, our communities, and minimising the impact we have on the environment. To us, success is defined by striking the right balance between these things.
With these commitments to guide us and focus our efforts, we will create value for all stakeholders and leave a legacy that we are proud of.

Our strong, values-led culture drives our behaviour and guides our decision making every day as we deliver to promise on our commitments.

Sustainability Reporting

St Barbara has used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards to guide its sustainability disclosures. The content of the disclosures is based on St Barbara’s assessment of its material sustainability topic areas. St Barbara’s material sustainability topic areas reflect its significant economic, environmental and social impacts, and those areas that substantively influence the assessments and decisions of its stakeholders.

Our 2020 Sustainability Story and Report outlines our activities against each our commitments.

St Barbara’s sustainability disclosures comprise:

St Barbara supports and endorses the following NGO’s and initiatives: